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Investing in a lasting legacy for future generations

Invesis is synonymous with sustainable and successful infrastructure projects – from roads, railways, water and marine infrastructure, tunnels and bridges, to hospitals, schools and government buildings.

We are a global investor and developer whose expertise extends to the future global needs of energy and digital infrastructure.

But we are more than a source of knowledge, experience and finance and project management expertise. We are a blend of driving ambition and innovative thinking.

We deliver successful infrastructure investment projects globally including the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Belgium and Switzerland. And for the future we already have a presence in the United States and Canada.

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What does success look like with an Invesis project?

  • Knowing for certain that your partner will deliver your project
  • Predictable performance throughout the life of the project
  • There will be a consistent team with you every step of the way
  • An open and fully transparent approach to doing business

Our team of 100 international experts have among the broadest skill set in the industry, from sourcing, originating, bidding for, and winning Greenfield PPP projects, through to effective management of the construction and operational phases, we coordinate the requirements of all key stakeholders – clients, contractors, lenders, and investors.

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Key industries that we can service

Infrastructure is changing at pace – we’re here to respond to the tremendous demand for digital infrastructure and energy transition projects.

Investing in critical infrastructure

Our expert teams are here to help you invest in and deliver infrastructure projects that will enhance communities and transform lives around the world, from roads, railways, water and marine infrastructure, tunnels and bridges, to hospitals, schools and government buildings.

Roads are the backbone of our societies. At Invesis we are providing maintenance of more than 300km of motorways and highways across Europe as well as successful construction and operation of 14 major road projects (both toll revenue and availability based) in the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and the UK.

Our team manages the construction of new roads on greenfield sites, the widening and upgrading of existing carriageways and their infrastructure. We also oversee the operation of our concessions with services ranging from the provision of heavy maintenance on our German portfolio to forecasting traffic and toll revenue on our Irish roads.

Our latest investment is in the iconic and award-winning Silvertown Tunnel project – a £1 billion twin-bore road tunnel under the River Thames (including a dedicated bus lane). The project utilises the largest Tunnel Boring Machine in the UK and will play a vital role in reducing congestion, increasing connectivity and delivering economic benefit to east London.

According to the judges for the Partnership Awards jury (who awarded a best project awards in 2020), Silvertown Tunnel “is a pioneering project in the United Kingdom with a customized financial plan. We were impressed with the efficiency of the contractual framework between the parties and its social and environmental impact.”

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Public transport systems must reflect our growing communities. At Invesis we have the technical skills to deliver high-speed links and city metro services to support this growth– from engineering and construction to aftercare.

We played a leading investment role in developing the €1.2bn HSL Zuid project which links Amsterdam and the Dutch-Belgian border by rail – one of Europe’s largest high-speed rail projects. In our first Australian investment we are part of the public-private partnership delivering the A$5.4 billion (€3.4 billion) Cross River Rail project in Brisbane – which will be ready in good time for the Brisbane Olympic Games in 2032.

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Modern schools need environments that offer world-class educational standards to deliver a lasting legacy for future generations.

Over the last two decades, our projects have created more than 30,000 pupil places in 39 schools across Europe, with a combined capital value of over €763m. From that experience, we have built relationships with local authorities to deliver highly successful education projects.

We also manage university campuses and accommodation, as we did with Kantienberg Student Accommodation at the University of Ghent –creating apartments for 656 students, a new university student restaurant, and underground car parking.

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Local authorities and justice departments need modern, high quality and flexible facilities to respond to the changing needs of their societies. At Invesis, we have been delivering court houses, police stations, prisons and correctional facilities for more than 20 years.

Our key reference projects include:

  • Prisons: Beveren in Belgium and Bremervoerde prison in Germany
  • Court houses: Irish Courts
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Hospitals of today need an efficient yet welcoming healthcare environment supported by advanced technology. We are skilled at creating therapeutic environments and clinical accommodation with good access and bright, airy public areas. We also provide a dedicated single point of contact responsible for overseeing day-to-day operation, enabling us to deliver the full range of support services to the highest standards.

Key projects include The University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, where we successfully delivered new facilities and the rebuild and refurbishment of existing buildings with an overall area of approximately 307,000 square metres– one of Europe’s largest centres for medical care.

Wharfedale Locality Hospital, which opened in 2004, and since then many new procedures have been introduced to adapt the building to meet the clients maintenance requirements, such as digitizing maintenance procedures and more effective work planning as well as creating improvements in the buildings energy consumption.

In 2021, at the end of our concession we successfully handed back our first social infrastructure project to our client – the East Ayrshire Community Hospital, Scotland – a seamless transition that has allowed the hospital to continue to play a vital role at the heart of its community. During the concession period it was used as a showcase by the NHS in Scotland due to its high standards of hygiene.

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Marine and water infrastructure provides the locks, dams, subsea structures, pipelines, and cables crucial to offshore activities and shipping, whilst onshore the focus is on water storage and distribution, water treatment and flood protection/remediation.
We put safety and sustainability at the heart of all our marine and water infrastructure projects to reduce the impact on our environments and protect local ecology and wildlife.

Our marine and water infrastructure team has a wealth of talent and expertise built from delivering the world’s largest sea lock in The Netherlands, Lock IJmuiden, which was officially opened by King Willem-Alexander on the 26 January 2022.

Our €550 million Afsluitdijk project is a 32km long dam which protects the Netherlands against water and flooding, built mostly by hand and realized in 1932. It is an engineering highlight of the Netherlands and a unique place in the world. After more than 85 years, the Afsluitdijk is now being renovated and heightened to make it fit for rising sea levels and it includes building Europe’s largest pumping station and innovative measures such as Levvel blocks to reinforce the causeway on the Wadden Sea.

Our team benefits from our potential to leverage industry leading partnerships including Delta Marine Consultants, from the water engineering heritage of our Dutch base and from the practical experience of delivering large scale, complex marine and water infrastructure projects – day in, day out, over many years.

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We have delivered ambitious and cutting-edge government building projects across Europe, including parliaments and state houses in the Netherlands and Germany.

The Rijnstraat 8 project provides capacity for over 6,000 Dutch state employees in The Hague and is the new national office for the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The building itself features a modern and transparent design, with glass facades and bright rooftops, whilst the core and atriums connect to work as a single system in a truly state-of-the-art structure.

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What does success look like

Investing in the infrastructure of tomorrow

The world of infrastructure is changing at pace – we’re here to respond to the tremendous demand for digital solutions and energy transition services. We can deliver services to decarbonise the generation and supply of energy, safeguard our coasts and cities from the impact of climate change and provide citizens with the connectivity they need to thrive in a digital world.

Our services include:

Digital infrastructure – including data centres and fibre to home

The energy transition – energy generation, including solar and biogas as well as energy storage and distribution. District heating and batteries as well as and decarbonisation and EV charging.

Infrastructure of tomorrow
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