ESG mission

Invesis creates a positive impact on the environment and society throughout the entire lifecyle of its activities.
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles guide our activities from business development and investment to managing our assets and concessions. We recognise the huge importance of infrastructure as a driver of positive change for people, the planet, prosperity, and purpose.

Invesis is committed to reducing the negative environmental and social impacts of our business activities. We are taking steps across our business to ensure that we create a positive lasting legacy for future generations in the communities we serve.

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Corporate Carbon Neutral Target

We have already achieved our initial Corporate Carbon Neutral target, and, with appropriate short and medium term targets along the way, aim to reach net zero by 2050 in all our investment and asset management activities.

To achieve this net positive impact on climate change, material resources and society , we will build on our strong corporate values and culture foundations and leverage the close and long term collaboration and communication with our partners and stakeholders for which we are renowned.

Net Zero
BY 2050

ESG Policy Statement.

Invesis is committed to:

  • Ensure that our ESG Policy, ESG Strategy and objectives are communicated with our staff and stakeholders
  • Ensure that our ESG program and results are periodically evaluated
    and reviewed
  • Provide education, training on environmental and social matters
    to our staff
  • Reduce any negative environmental and social impact caused by our activities; create and maximise opportunities to have an overall net positive impact
  • Work with stakeholders to create a net positive impact on our projects and concessions
  • Provide an excellent working environment for our staff through our Flourishing@Work programme and our safety management system
  • Promote equality and diversity in our workforce and ensure equal opportunities for all
  • Ensure our staff behave to the highest ethical standards and that our business systems assure ethical behaviour

We never lose sight of the bigger picture to transform the lives of people through infrastructure

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Our ESG journey.

Building robust sustainability and ethical elements into our activities has been a long standing part of our business. Identifying projects with positive social and environmental objectives is a continuing theme in our investment model along with striving to improve a projects ESG credentials throughout its concession life.

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