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VINCI/BAM consortium awarded A-Modell contract for A9 motorway section in Germany


Bunnik, the Netherlands, 4 August 2011 – The contracting agency DEGES has awarded the contract to the consortium A9SixLanes (47.5% VINCI Concessions, 47.5% BAM PPP, 5% Reinhold Meister) the Federal Motorway A9 Lederhose – State Border Thuringia/Bavaria.


This is the first project of the ‘A-Model’ programme with a payment mechanism which is availability based rather than toll based.

The project includes design, planning, construction, operations, routine maintenance, heavy maintenance and financing to complete the widening of a 46.5 km motorway section (27.5 km have already been upgraded by others) adding an additional lane in each direction over a 19 km stretch with refurbishment or replacement of existing structures.

The design and construction obligations will be passed down to a construction joint venture (EPC). The participant interests in the EPC are Eurovia (operating company VINCI; 33.3%), Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau (operating company BAM; 33.3%) and Reinhold Meister (33.3%).

The value of the construction activities amounts to approximately €140 million.

The A9 connects Berlin with Northern Bavaria and Munich and is deemed of special importance due to the fact that it represents the major North-South connector between the Eastern Federal States and Southern Germany and the gateway to Austria and Italy.

Further information:

  • press:  Royal BAM Group, Arno Pronk, + 31 (0)30 659 86 21;
  • analysts: Royal BAM Group, Patrick Snippe, + 31 (0)30 659 87 07;
  • BAM PPP, Vicki Harris, Communications Manager, + 44 (0)141 779 86 34.
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