Egied van Broeckhoven

‘Delivering innovative, new and renovated schools to transform the learning experience of students in Flanders, Belgium’

School infrastructure in Flanders (northern region of Belgium) has suffered from decades of structural underinvestment resulting in old and outdated school infrastructure. A new programme by the Flemish Government will see 42 schools built or renovated under a DBFM program to expand capacity for additional places and to guarantee the multifunctionality of new school buildings for the public, no longer meeting current standards.

The Egied Van Broeckhoven School is the first of the schools to be delivered under the new programme. The brand-new school will offer a range of opportunities within two domains, STEM and Welfare and Society, and will be situated in the multicultural district around the West station in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Brussels, in the buildings of the former Vandenheuvel brewery.



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The challenge

A two-year competitive procurement process began in 2020 to find a consortium with the expertise to design, build, finance and maintain (DBFM) the new Egied Van Broeckhoven School, with Preferred Bidder announcement in May 2021.

After BAM decided not to submit a tender for EPC services, Invesis successfully identified other potential EPC partners capable of working on this much smaller scale build (€30million capex) than BAM generally undertakes. Making Egied Van Broeckhoven School Invesis’ first project as an investor developer. The field of medium-sized candidates was whittled down by their schools’ experience and quality of local contacts, and the best three agreed to work with Invesis on the DBFMs, starting with Alheembouw.

The Invesis and Alheembouw consortium, named ABC 02, successfully signed the contract with the board of the Egied Van Broeckhoven School in June 2022, marking a major milestone being the first project in this DBFM schools programme of the Flemish Government.

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The solution

The design, construction, financing and maintenance of the first Dutch-speaking secondary school in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek is now underway and will provide 12,975m² of new and renovated buildings with an estimated investment of over 35 million euros.

When the school opens in September 2024, 860 students will be able to take lessons in modern and contemporary classrooms for practical and theoretical courses, in an environment with open learning landscapes, multifunctional and project spaces and a sports hall.

To deliver on the high ambitions of the non-profit client organisation ‘vzw Ignatius Schools in Motion’, project management will be provided by PREO, Alheembouw is responsible for the construction of the project and responsible for the design is B2Ai architects. BAM FM will provide facilities management of the infrastructure for a period of 30 years.