A9 Motorway

The project includes the design, planning, construction, operations, routine and heavy maintenance, and financing to complete the widening of a 46.5 km motorway section adding an additional lane in each direction over 19 km.

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A9 Road
A9 Road

The innovation

The federal motorway BAB A9 connects Berlin via the industrial centres in Central Germany with Nothern Bavaria and Munich. It is the most important north-south connection between the Eastern federal states and Southern Germany and from there to Austria and Italy.

The specific feature of the A9 is the payment of remunerations by the Contract Awarding Agency according to the availability of the motorway and independently from the traffic volumes (availability fee).

The project comprises the:

  • design and construction of 19 km motorway, widening from 2×2 lanes to 2×3 lanes (plus emergency lane) including 24 bridges (general design prepared by client); and
  • operation and maintenance of 46.5 km (above 19 km and 27.5 km already widened portion) as well as 62 bridges (above 24 bridges and 38 already existing bridges) for a period of 20 years after award.
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Capital value

The solution

The contractor will receive a remuneration consisting of partial payments and remuneration according to availability which will be paid in instalments. The partial payments will be made during the construction phase after the successful transfer of construction sections (three points in time are planned for this) and must not exceed 85% of the total cost for construction and upgrading or €105m (gross, i.e. including VAT). In addition, the contractor will receive for operation, maintenance and long-term private financing remuneration according to availability which will be paid at regular intervals.

A9 Road