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FAQ: what is the story behind the new Invesis brand?

As you will have seen earlier this week, BAM PPP has become Invesis. We have a new name, a new look and a new brand. But what does that mean for our business? And what does it mean for you?

We’ve put together a list of FAQs to help you find out more about the Invesis brand, the story behind our name and our logo and more. Read on to get to know Invesis.

Why did BAM PPP rebrand?

Following the 2021 change in company ownership structure – which saw pension fund manager and global investor PGGM own a 50% stake – the company has become an independent and autonomous infrastructure investor and developer with two equal shareholders.

This change, opened up the potential to move into new markets, including North America, and Australia. We will also be working in new sectors outside of traditional PPP projects, including digital infrastructure and energy transition. Therefore a new identity was needed to reflect the changing ambition of the business.

Why Invesis, what does the new name mean?
Invesis stands for: Investors and experts in sustainable infrastructure.

How was the name Invesis chosen?
Our dedicated rebrand project team undertook a series of storytelling and messaging workshops attended by the SMT, business development team and representatives from the wider team in all our markets. From these sessions we developed the new brand story and messaging. Our new name came out of that process.


What does the new logo represent?
The Invesis logo is a key component of our visual language, it reflects the character and nature of the business. Memorable and simple to use, it makes our company easy to recognise.

The arch design symbolises partnership and reflects the Invesis ethos of being with a project, from the beginning to the end. It also hints at both hard infrastructure projects – from the arch of a bridge or a tunnel – to the connections of a digital infrastructure future.

The Invesis brand values are carried through in the choice of deep blues and vibrant purples, while a robust san serif provides a modern underpinning to the Invesis name.

Does the change in name mean a change in the business?
Invesis will continue to be a trusted partner to its clients and the communities it serves. The company is proud of its strong history as BAM PPP and its portfolio of PPP (P3) projects and its team is committed to remain high quality stewards of the vital infrastructure they oversee.

Under the new name, the company will continue to provide clarity, certainty and confidence on every project, so that clients and partners can exceed expectations, deliver value and create a better future for all.

What does Invesis stand for?
Our promise is to transform lives through sustainable infrastructure. We aim to create a lasting legacy for future generations through infrastructure. We provide clarity, certainty and confidence in every project, so that our clients and partners can exceed expectations, deliver value and provide a better future for us all.

What are the key messages of the Invesis brand?
As Invesis, we aim to:

  • Invest sustainably
  • Deliver with confidence
  • Exceed expectations
  • Put people at the heart of our projects
  • Operate with transparency

Discover more about Invesis from our people

Find out more about the brand in our video, featuring CEO Kieron Meade and Sebald van Royen, MD Netherlands and Belgium and many of the Invesis team.

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