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Declan Gallagher was appointed Ireland SVP General Manager in October 2019.

His extensive experience in the PPP sector includes acting as Chief Financial Manager for National Roads Authority Ireland’s Motor Service Areas Tranche 1, where he served as the primary negotiator for third party contractors, suppliers and external consultants. Declan was also the senior quantity surveyor for the Minister for Department of Education, on behalf of NDFA, Schools Bundle 1 and Schools Bundle 2 PPP contract. He worked with large construction teams and their advisors and oversaw all financial reporting RDDs, TEQs and monthly reports.

In addition to Declan’s current role at Invesis, he is also the PPP co-representative for the Minister for Justice and Equality Ireland, Courts Bundle PPP project. In his fifth year on the project, he is responsible for construction delivery, including overseeing the transition into the operational phase. He also oversees the day-to-day operational phase of projects related to the Minister for Department of Education, on behalf of NDFA, Schools Bundle 3 and Schools Bundle 4 PPP contracts. This includes managing and coordinating various stakeholders and overseeing lifecycle, benchmarking and compliance to Schedule 10 Services.

With his in-depth project and financial management experience. Declan has a profound ability and desire to tackle challenges directly and deliver solutions that satisfy an array of stakeholders and deliver maximum results for our clients.

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Declan Gallagher

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