Irish Courts Bundle 1

Cork, Mullingar, Waterford, Wexford, Limerick, Drogheda, Letterkenny, Ireland
Enhancing historical courthouses across Ireland making them fit for purpose in the 21st century
18th December 2015 Financial Close
2015 - 2018 Construction Period
25 years Concession Period
between 2042 and 2043 Handback

The background

In 2012, Ireland’s Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, launched a €2.25 bn Infrastructure Stimulus Package to revitalise Ireland’s economy. The Courts Bundle 1 PPP project was part of this initiative to transform judicial infrastructure across Ireland, as the courthouses were in poor condition and were in urgent need of improvement. 

The Courts Bundle 1 PPP project comprised the refurbishment and extension work to courthouses in Cork, Mullingar, Waterford, Wexford and Limerick and the development of new courthouse buildings in Drogheda and Letterkenny. Historical conservation of 5 of the courthouses was critical to the success of the project, as they were protected structures that required intensive preservation work both internally and externally.  

Invesis successfully delivered the Courts Bundle 1 PPP project throughout 2017 and 2018 on behalf of the Irish Government, as part of a PPP contract to design, build, finance and maintain the facilities of the courts. Since operational, the new and improved courts have led to reduced waiting times, reduced costs of litigation and have improved the efficient delivery of legal services across Ireland.  


NDFA acting as Agent for the Courts Service of Ireland

Capital Value





BAM Courts Bundle Ltd

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

BAM Building Ltd

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

BAM FM Ireland Ltd

Business value

The client prepared a Design Intent for each Courthouse and secured planning before issuing the project for tender. Each bidder was permitted to develop these to optimise the configuration and arrangement of spaces, to develop the façade in line with the client’s planning decisions and to address the finishes and internal appearance to meet the client’s objectives in terms of sustainability and whole life cost. 

Invesis interrogated the relevant conservation challenges associated with each courthouse and worked cohesively with our selected designers and construction partners, to comprehensively conserve the surviving fabric and features of the buildings and enhance their presentation as part of a modern courthouse suitable for use in the 21st Century. 

 By partnering with Invesis the client received high-quality courthouses, in a condition that met the terms of the PPP contract, each with a bespoke design that honours the historical significance of the original structures.  


Key features

By using the PPP contract approach and partnering with Invesis, the project 

  • had 3 specialist architect teams – Wilson Architecture, A&D Wejchert, CCH Architect to develop bespoke designs for each of the courthouses while conserving their historical features 
  • comprehensive use of BIM to develop Design Intent Drawings and enhance and conserve Protected Structures 
  • won the Irish Construction Excellence Award for the Public or Heritage category inn 2020 
  • Cork Courthouse won Public Building Project of the Year at the Irish Building and Design Awards in 2019