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Early completion of the A94 Isen Valley motorway | Gap closed between Pastetten and Heldenstein | A94 now open between Munich and Marktl

After 44 months of construction time, the A94 between Pastetten and Heldenstein is due to be completed by the end of September 2019, a month earlier than planned. The newly constructed 33-km section of the Isen Valley motorway, which has been built by a public-private partnership (PPP), is scheduled to be opened to traffic at the start of October 2019. The successful realisation of the construction project has been carried out by a consortium consisting of Berger Bau SE, Eiffage Infra-Bau SE and Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG, an operating company of Royal BAM Group.

The closing of the gap – which a lot of road users have wanted to happen for a long time – means that journey times on the east-west route between the spa triangle in the Inn and Rott valley and the Munich metropolitan area will be reduced considerably. At the same time, the new route will improve road safety in the long term compared to the heavily congested and hazardous Bundesstraße 12 between Forstinning and Heldenstein. Numerous nature conservation and noise protection measures have been taken.

During the contract period, the project company Isentalautobahn GmbH & Co. KG – along with its partners BAM PPP PGGM, Berger Bau SE and Eiffage S.A. – has been fully responsible for planning, construction, operation and maintenance as well as the financing of the project. The project company was contracted by the Federal Republic of Germany – represented by the Free State of Bavaria and the Motorway Authority of Southern Bavaria – which will remain the unrestricted owner of the motorway and exercise its sovereign rights itself.

By completing the newly constructed section ahead of schedule, the companies involved have shown that major projects can be realised safely and reliably, on schedule, in the agreed quality and within budget based on public-private partnerships.

For this section of motorway, private company Isentalautobahn Services GmbH & Co. KG will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the entire project section between Forstinning and Marktl. Consequently, a modern motorway maintenance depot has been set up as a dedicated service and operations centre in Ampfing, where a workforce of approximately 25 employees will be based in the future.

The long-term goal of the project company is to ensure the availability of the project section for road users, to keep the motorway in an optimum state of repair and to carry out maintenance and operating measures while causing minimum disruption throughout the contract period until 2046. As payment is dependent on the quality of performance and the availability of the motorway for users in this so-called “availability model”, there is a strong economic incentive to ensure optimum usability. The project company wishes to thank local residents and road users for the understanding that they have shown during the construction works and to assure them that it will continue to look after their needs in the future too.

Facts & Figures

Length of the project section: 77 km, including a newly constructed 33-km section

Construction time: 44 months (construction time originally agreed: 45 months)

Noise protection facilities: 22 km and 440.00 m2 of noise-reducing road surface

Compensatory measures under nature conservation law: 38 measures

Deer fencing: 66km

Bridge structures: 56

Junctions: 4

Parking areas and toilet facilities: 2

Motorway maintenance depot: 1

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