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Afsluitdijk news: Enormous flood gate successfully placed.

On Wednesday 8th March, an enormous sliding flood gate weighing 1 million kilograms was placed on the Kornwederzand’s safety lock of the Afsluitdijk. The Afsluitdijk is a 32-kilometre major dam and causeway which plays an integral part in protecting the Netherlands from extreme weather and rising sea levels.

The flood gate has a width of 58 meters and a height of 14 meters. Hoisting a gate of this size was no small feat and it took a powerhouse of a crane to complete the task.

The Matador 3, a floating crane with the capacity to lift 1800 tons was used to successfully place the sliding flood gate. The impressive lifting operation took around 4 hours. Once fully installed, the flood gate will be driven over a threshold in the waterway, to allow large ships to pass through the Afsluitdijk to the Wadden Sea.

Our consortium Levvel, compromising Invesis, BAM, Van Oord and Rebel were awarded the PPP contract to design, build, finance and maintain the Afsluitdijk in 2018.

Invesis are proud to part of an extremely significant project, which will protect the Netherlands for years to come.

Congratulations to our construction partners for achieving this momentous milestone!

For more information on the Afsluitdijk click here: Afsluitdijk | Invesis

Watch the entire operation in a 60-second timelapse video below.

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