The Netherlands
Investing in and developing key marine infrastructure, that will protect the Netherlands from the effects of climate change
30th May 2018 Financial Close
2018 - 2025 Construction Period
25 years Concession Period
2047  Handback

The background

In 2018 – procured under a Private Finance Initiative – the Levvel consortium, comprising Invesis, Van Oord Aberdeen Infrastructure Partners BV and RebelValley B.V., entered a 30-year public-private partnership agreement with Rijkswaterstaat to design, build, finance and maintain the Afsluitdijk.

The colossal marine project in The Netherlands, that runs from Den Oever in North Holland province to the village of Kornwerderzand in Friesland province, plays a significant role in protecting The Netherlands from flooding and extreme weather conditions.

Rijkswaterstaat utilised Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) criteria to evaluate plans from across the market, and selected Levvel’s tender, based on price, the consortium’s ability to deliver a high-quality project, and their sustainable construction solutions through the smart use of proven technology.

By partnering with Levvel, the Afsluitdijk originally constructed in 1932, will be successfully transformed into a new, energy neutral structure that will continue to protect The Netherlands until at least 2050.



Capital Value



Invesis, Van Oord Aberdeen Intractructure Partners BV, RebelValley B.V.



Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

BAM Infra BV and Van Oord Nederland BV

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Van Oord Nederland BV

Business value.

Rijkswaterstaat aims to deliver infrastructure for the future as part of their 2030 strategy, to build sustainable projects that operate in a climate neutral and circular manner. By partnering with Levvel, Rijkswaterstaat can expect to deliver a sustainable, iconic asset, with a robust design that pays homage to the historical significance of the original design of the dike.

Continuous communication throughout the tender and construction stages has fostered positive relationships between the client and consortia, which will continue into the maintenance phase, affirming Invesis and the other consortia members as long-term trusted partners.


Key features.

By using the PFI contract approach and partnering with the Levvel consortium, the project;   

  • was awarded Silver at the Partnerships Awards in 2019 for Best Transport Project 
  • was reinforced with innovative and sustainable XblocPlus blocks, which are concrete armour units developed specifically for the Afsluitdijk
  • has an iconic and innovative design based on achieving energy neutrality, while respecting the history of the project, preserving as much of the old sleek design of the dike, casemates and monument 
  • will be able to withstand a super storm which happens once in every ten thousand years