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271 Inmates have been successfully transferred to Dendermonde Prison, making the move the largest relocation of prisoners in Belgium

On Saturday 11th March, 271 prisoners were successfully and safely transferred to the new prison in Dendermonde. The complex, officially inaugurated in December 2022, accommodates 444 inmates and provides sustainable and modern detention.

Relocating the inmates was a complex operation as all of the prisoners were moved in one day. The move involved meticulous planning and the large-scale deployment of prison personnel and police forces.

Dendermonde prison was constructed to replace another complex, which was severely outdated and suffered from capacity issues. The concept of the prison is based on a humane view of detention, with an aim to prepare detainees for reintegration into society

The prison complex was delivered by Invesis through a Public-Private Partnership contract; to Design, Build, Finance and Maintain (DBFM) the project.

Kristien Achten, Senior Project Manager says ‘…we are very proud to see that the complex, which focuses on sustainable, modern and humane detention, is now fully operational’.

Photos courtesy of BAM Interbuild and Koen Mutton.

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