N33 Assen-Zuidbroek

This project involved an upgrade of the N33 in the Netherlands from a two-way road into a dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction.

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N33 Assen-Zuidbroek
N33 Assen-Zuidbroek

The innovation

SPV General Manager Paula van der Veen outlines the background to the A12 motorway project.

“The aim of the N33 project was to improve road safety, traffic flow and the accessibility of the region. A 38-kilometre stretch of the N33 was upgraded from a two-way road into a dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction. A traffic interchange creating a link with the A28 motorway was built at Assen-Zuid, while a clover-shaped junction at Zuidbroek creates a connection for the new road with the A7 motorway. At various locations, the connection between the access road network and the N33 was enhanced by the construction of roundabouts. The activities also include the improvement of existing and construction of new wildlife crossings.”

The project was carried out by the Poort van Noord joint venture involving Invesis, BAM Civiel, BAM Wegen, and BAM Infratechniek Mobiliteit.

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Capital value

The solution

The scope of the project included:

  • upgrading a 38 km road from 2×1 to 2×2 lanes;
  • all road-related items such as signposting, lighting, safety and crash barriers;
  • two main interchanges including viaducts and underpasses;
  • six exits and access roads;
  • a movable bridge, including all electrical and mechanical installations;
  • two fixed bridges;
  • five new viaducts;
  • the lengthening of two viaducts;
  • the widening of two viaducts;
  • one railway underpass;
  • two new pedestrian underpasses;
  • one new underpass;
  • lengthening of two underpasses; and
  • the assessment and strengthening (if required) of all existing structures.


N33 Assen-Zuidbroek