N25 New Ross Bypass

Investing in South East Ireland’s Landmark Road Structure , which holds the record for the longest concrete extradosed span in the world.


Major road infrastructure investment in Ireland’s South-East region was required to relieve chronic traffic congestion and future proof the region’s economy. To tackle existing bottlenecks and address significant traffic delays, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) delivered the N25 New Ross Bypass as part of their road infrastructure PPP programme.

The N25 New Ross Bypass forms part of the Trans-European Network-Transport (TEN-T) and is a strategic link in Ireland’s national road network, connecting Cork and Rosslare Europort and forms part of the Atlantic Road Corridor route.

A key feature of this transport link is the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge – a seven-pier extrados bridge with an overall length of 887m and two main spans of 230m each. The landmark structure holds the record for the longest concrete extradosed bridge in the world.

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N25 New Ross Bypass

The Challenge

The N25 New Ross Bypass was perceived to be an incredibly complex project due to its design brief and construction requirements. To successfully deliver the transport link, a 3-year procurement process took place to find a trusted partner with a strong presence in the Irish market and extensive road infrastructure experience.

In 2014, an Invesis and Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructuras S.A. joint venture were awarded the contract to design, build, finance and maintain (DBFM) the N25 New Ross Bypass. Invesis provided 50% equity and will maintain the project for a 25-year period.

The N25 project is the first in Ireland to benefit from the European Investment Bank’s Project Bond Credit Enhancement Mechanism (“PBCE”). Invesis liaised with the client, international funders and the EIB to realize transport infrastructure Ireland’s vision and deliver on a long-term financial solution through the issuance of bonds.

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Capital value

The Solution

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge was designed following stringent Eurocodes and the Irish National Annexes. Invesis worked with the local authorities, designers, and the selected EPC to meet guidelines whilst ensuring the design of the project aligned with the client’s costs and brief.

Construction works were carried out by a BAM Civil and Dragados Ireland Joint venture. Arup, the lead design consultant for the project, appointed Carlos Fernandez Casado (CFC) to design the iconic Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge. Approximately 600 people were employed throughout the construction phase of the project and an estimated 2.5 million hours were completed on site to bring the project to life.

Since becoming operational, chronic congestion and tailbacks in New Ross are a thing of the past, particularly during peak periods, with travel savings of up to 45 minutes for the end user.

Through fostering collaborative relationships with multiple external parties and the client, Invesis was able to support TII in delivering a vital piece of infrastructure that is enhancing local communities, improving road safety and supporting the future economic growth of Ireland.

N25 New Ross Bypass