Fiber Network Lease Project Rostock

Rostock, Germany
Transforming Communities with State-of-the-Art high speed internet connections.
May 2024 Financial Close
2024 - 2025 Construction Period
25 years Lease Period

The background

Invesis subsidiary VitrumFiber has signed its’ first project for the rollout of fiber optic networks.

With this new network in the area of  Kühlungsborn, Brinckmansdorf and Kessin, VitrumFibers client Stadtwerke Rostock AG will be able to connect more than 7,000 costumers to high speed internet.

The German fiber market is part of Invesis’ strategy to create a digital infrastructure portfolio which will secure good investment returns and create value for our clients, who can benefit from our long-term approach as well as our project and asset management capability.


Stadtwerke Rostock AG


VitrumFiber/ Invesis

Lease Period

25 years

Total length of the network


Business value.

With the signing of the lease contract for the project in Rostock, Stadtwerke Rostock AG (SWRAG) and VitrumFiber have elevated their partnership to the next phase, setting the foundation to connect SWRAG customers to high-speed internet of the future.

VitrumFiber, a subsidiary of Invesis, serves not just as a single project but as a platform for expanding fiber optic networks throughout Germany. This strategy allows Invesis to undertake numerous projects and expand its portfolio in the digital infrastructure market.

This inaugural project validates the concept behind VitrumFiber and demonstrates the demand for Fiber as a Service (FaaS), as VitrumFiber calls its offering. VitrumFiber handles the planning, financing, construction, and maintenance of the passive fiber network, enabling its clients to focus on end-users and surpass their targets.