Dalkeith Schools Community Campus

The Dalkeith Schools project consists of the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and financing of a Community Campus comprising three schools and central sports and leisure facilities for shared school and community use, accommodating more than 2,000 pupils.

The original buildings of Dalkeith High School and St David’s Roman Catholic High School were unable to meet the full curricular needs of a modern school adequately within their existing premises.

Site constraints at one of the schools and proposed new housing in the area led Midlothian Council to decide to relocate both the secondary schools and amalgamate the local Special Education Needs (SEN) schools to a new greenfield site on the edge of the town.

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Dalkeith Schools Community Campus
Dalkeith Schools Community Campus

The innovation

The project included:

  • St David’s High School – a 1,050-student Roman Catholic secondary school;
  • Dalkeith High School – a 1,050-student non-denominational secondary school;
  • Saltersgate School – a new 100-student SEN school;
  • shared facilities, which include assembly, library, dining, administration, and sports and leisure facilities; and
  • the sports and leisure facilities included a competition-sized swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, fitness suites, grass and all-weather pitches, an all-weather running track, and athletics facilities.

SPV General Manager Eilidh Paffett explains how the campus approach brought real benefits to the project.

“The relocation created a shared campus where the two secondary schools and the SEN schools are arranged in a complex of interconnected buildings which allows a high degree of interaction and sharing of facilities but also maintains independence where required. That enabled the Council to provide a better level of facilities overall than each school could have provided separately.

“Bringing together different denominational groups and children with special educational needs on a single campus generated wide interest and the project has been commended for its success and the positive effect of the co-locations.”

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Capital value

Extended use

The Community Campus enjoys considerably extended use beyond the school day for sports, leisure, and community activities.

Invesis FM Provider coordinates the use of campus facilities, providing a balance between the Council’s curriculum, adult learning requirements, and the need for the Council to generate revenue.

Dalkeith Schools Community Campus