Antwerp tramline – Brabo 2

Antwerp, Belgium
Connecting commuters to the historical city of Anwerp, Belgium
19th November 2015 Financial Close
2016 - 2020 Construction Period
25 years Concession Period
30th June 2044 Handback

The background

In 2010 the Flemish Government and the City of Antwerp (BE) launched an initiative called the Master Plan 2020, which entailed investment in key traffic infrastructure (both tram and roads) in and around the city of Antwerp, in the north of Belgium. Investment in traffic infrastructure was long overdue as Antwerp’s transport system needed to be upgraded to tackle congestion and improve safety.

Brabo 2 is the third DBFM project to be initiated as part of the masterplan, with Flemish Public Transport Operator De Lijn, the Flemish Roads and Traffics Agency, and the City of Antwerp.

In 2015, the TramContractors consortium compromising – Invesis and Fabricom – was awarded three contracts under the PPP model to successfully deliver the project, which will improve commuters’ accessibility into the historical city centre of Antwerp.

Brabo 2 consists of a design, build, finance and maintain (DBFM) contract with De Lijn for tram infrastructure; a DBFM contract with the Flemish State for the surrounding roads; and a design, build and finance (DBF) contract with the City of Antwerp for a short tunnel, the renovation of a drawbridge, creation of public spaces, underground parking and the construction of two 10km rails.


Flemish Public Transport Operator De Lijn, municipality of Antwerp and the Flemish Road and Traffic Agency

Capital Value



Invesis and Fabricom



Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

BAM Contractors/BAM Rail bv – BAM Track, Fabricom

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

BAM Maintenance and Fabricom

Business value

Brabo 2 is a complex project as it involves multiple concession agreements. Therefore, an experienced consortia was required to deliver the project, who offered an innovative financial solution which minimised risk and provided value for money.

TramContractors proposal was based on a cross-default mechanism, which allowed the three concession agreements to be financed as a single project. This was introduced by the Authority after receiving feedback from TramContractors, to avoid overcomplication of the financial structure and to ensure bankability.

During the construction phase, continuous communication was vital as there were three authorities involved in the project, each with their own vision, expectations and requirements. TramContractors alongside our partners, worked cohesively with the authorities to deliver the project in a condition that met the terms of the contract, successfully bringing their vision to life.

The project has been operational since 2020 and has transformed the way commuters travel to Antwerp, relieving traffic congestion and improving accessibility to the historical city.


Key features

By using the PPP contract approach and partnering with TramContractors, the project… 

  • construction period was shorter than the time frame proposed by the competition
  • benefitted greatly from the use of 3D scanning, design coordination and issue management to steer the execution of this project in the right direction