Beveren Prison

Beveren, Belgium
Tackling overcrowding in Belgian prisons through the investment of sustainable custodial infrastructure
23rd June 2011 Financial Close
2012-2014 Construction Period
25 years Concession Period
2039 Handback
Beveren Prison

The background

An increase in incarcerations has led to prisons in Belgium becoming overcrowded in recent years. Major investment in custodial infrastructure was required to tackle capacity issues and improve the justice system in Belgium. To improve prison facilities and inmate rehabilitation, the Belgium Buildings Agency (Regie der Gebouwen/Régie des Bâtiments) delivered Beveren prison, situated in the province of East Flanders, which accommodates 312 inmates. 

Beveren prison is in line with the Belgian Government’s masterplan for Detention and Internment in Humane Conditions, which entails the construction of new prisons and the renovation of existing facilities. The concept of the prison is based on a humane view of detention, with an aim to prepare detainees for reintegration into society 

In 2011, the Belgium Buildings Agency awarded Invesis the PPP contract to design, build, finance and maintain the concession. By partnering with Invesis, the prison was constructed using innovative technologies and sustainable materials. The concession has been operational for 9 years and features high quality facilities designed to promote rehabilitation and reduce reoffending. These include workshops, educational and training programs, and recreational areas. 


The Belgium Buildings Agency (Regie der Gebouwen)

Capital Value





Poort van Beveren

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

THV Poort van Beveren nv (BAM Interbuid / Galère)

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)


Business value

Invesis worked cohesively with the client and our selected partners to address the challenges of a modern prison. The design of the building was optimised to enhance the facilities and spacious grounds which will improve the detention process and prepare inmates for reintegration into society. 

Delivering a project which is centered around livability and sustainability was a priority for the client. The Belgium Buildings Agency’s aim was to construct an innovative building that is energy efficient and guarantees the safety and comfort of its users. Invesis worked with our selected construction partners to integrate sustainable technology solutions into the project which will help lower the prison’s carbon footprint and lifecycle costs.  

Since the project became operational, Invesis have fostered positive relationships with the client and our selected partners. As a result, the facility has been successfully maintained to a standard that meets the terms of the PPP contract.  


Key features

By using the PPP model and partnering with Invesis, the project…  

  • structure was built utilising prefabricated concrete which is economically responsible, sustainable, of high quality and allows the prison to be built in a short period of time 
  • was delivered on time – the prompt delivery of the project was important, as the facility was urgently required to address overcrowding in nearby prisons 
  • was equipped with photovoltaic solar cells and cogeneration which is responsible for the production of domestic hot water and electricity; the energy demand is met in an efficient and cost-effective way thanks to the use of low-temperature heating, insulation and energy-efficient light fixtures