A12 Utrecht Lunetten to Veenendaal Motorway

Bunnik, The Netherlands
Delivering critical road infrastructure in the Netherlands to relieve chronic bottlenecks
1 September 2010 Financial Close
2010 - 2012 Construction Period
20 years Concession Period
October 2032 Handback
A12 Utrecht Lunetten

The background

The A12 is one of the most important motorways in the Netherlands. The motorway is part of the Trans-European Network (TEN) – starting from the Hague in the West to the German border in the East – and plays a key role in enabling the efficient transportation of goods and cargo. 

The A12 required urgent improvement between the junction in Lunetten and the connection near Veenendaal, to relieve 32 chronic bottlenecks that encouraged motorists to shortcut through residential areas to avoid traffic.  

In 2010, Rijkswaterstaat awarded Poort van Bunnik B.V the PPP-contract to widen 30km of the motorway. Invesis is the sole investor of the project and is responsible for the design, build, financing and maintenance of the asset.  

Transformation of the A12 was necessary to boost the economy, alleviate congestion within local towns and improve road safety, which will ultimately reduce traffic accidents.   



Capital Value





Poort van Bunnik B.V.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

BAM Infra

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

BAM Infra

Business value

After a short construction period of 18 months, the A12 became operational in 2012. At the time, an estimated 4,000 motorists passed through the motorway every hour, making the A12 one of the busiest motorways in the Netherlands. By partnering with Invesis, the project was delivered promptly which was paramount for the client to minimise disruption to motorists and significantly improve traffic flow.  

Rijkswaterstaat is committed to delivering a sustainable and robust road network, to prepare for the growing number of motorists. Invesis have worked transparently with the client alongside our partners throughout the project’s lifecycle, to successfully integrate sustainable solutions. 

As a result, the A12 Lunetten-Veenendaal, is one of four Invesis led projects that placed in this year’s Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). GRESB is a globally recognised benchmark for assessing the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of infrastructure assets worldwide.  


Key features

By using the PPP contract approach and partnering with the Poort van Bunnik B.V., the project… 

  • GRESB score (global responsibility environment sustainability benchmark) increased from 55 points in 2021 to 74 in 2022. Scoring is represented as a percentage (100 percent is the maximum) and the increased score is a result of better project management, operational performance and data collection
  • is first in the Dutch infrastructure sector to reach capability level 3 of ISO 15504
  • was completed two years earlier than originally planned by applying smart construction methods
  • has resulted in road users saving 10-15 minutes during rush hour, when travelling between Utrecht and Arnhem