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01 November 2022 sees Chris Williams assume his new role as Chief Executive Officer at Invesis. He takes on this new challenge after 17 successful years with the company, working closely with retiring CEO Kieron Meade.

After a rigorous selection process, the Shareholders chose Williams to lead the company in the next chapter of its development citing Chris’s skills and experience as a huge asset to the business and that his appointment provides valuable continuity to all stakeholders, which will facilitate Invesis continuing to be a trusted partner to all of their clients and partners.

Having worked closely with him for more than 17 years Meade described him as being “incredibly loyal, trustworthy and committed.” He went on to say, “Chris is young and ambitious, but highly skilled and experienced, making him a perfect match for Invesis.”

A chartered accountant and formerly Invesis Chief Finance Officer, Williams brings significant financial expertise – essential for the investment aspects of the firm’s business model – as well as a wealth of knowledge of PPP, which remains a core business focus. He will also benefit from the complimentary talents of those soon to be appointed to the newly created Chief Investment Officer and Chief Operations Officer roles.

Given the significant recent changes of name, ownership and relationship with former parent company, Royal BAM Group, Williams brings valuable continuity, with a deep understanding of the business and its people, which is essential to the future success of the company.

Having been heavily involved in the design of Invesis’ new strategy 2023-2027, a five-year plan aimed at driving the company into new markets including the US, and new sectors, starting with digital infrastructure and energy transition, Williams is perfectly placed to lead the diversification of the Invesis portfolio.

Williams, who will work together with Meade in a transition period until the end of the year, thanked the outgoing CEO for his huge contribution to the achievements of the business in its various guises over the last 30 years: “Kieron’s tireless dedication and strategic vision in expertly driving the Company agenda, particularly as CEO since 2015 through to the birth of Invesis earlier this year, has brought material success and positioned the Company to flourish as an international investor developer in sustainable infrastructure.

He added, “I’m both thrilled and privileged to be leading Invesis and its superb staff in the next stage of our exciting development. Our strategic  goals are certainly challenging but I’m fully committed to make them a reality with the help and support of our amazing team and alongside our current, and future, partners and clients.”

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