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It’s our anniversary!

One year ago today, on the 8th March 2022, we launched our new company name and brand identity. Building on our solid 20 year platform as BAM PPP and laying down the marker of Invesis as an independent global investor developer of sustainable infrastructure.

Since the launch we’ve developed a new five year market strategy, our ESG strategy and reshaped our internal structure to achieve our goals.

In addition, there have been many achievements over the last year with some of the highlights being our first financial close as Invesis with Egied van Broeckhoven School, establishing our US presence with a US Office and US staff, the Asanti datacentres acquisition, the Afsluidijk Dam, Dendermonde Prison and A10/A24 Motorway availability certificates, the N31 Motorway handback, the Brabo Tramline refinancing, our global team staff day in Berlin, over €6,000 raised by staff to make a difference to a number of local charities, and we even have a new CEO.

We feel very proud of what we have achieved over the last year and want to say thank you, to our staff, our clients, and our partners for helping to make Invesis the great company it is and creating a foundation for further success in the years ahead.

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