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Invesis increases share in University Hospitals Schleswig-Holstein PPP project

On 4 August 2022 Invesis successfully completed the acquisition of DIF Capital Partner’s 45% stake in the University Hospitals Schleswig Holstein (UKSH) project from the DIF Infrastructure III fund. This brings the Invesis shareholding in the project to 95%.

Chief Executive Officer Kieron Meade said: Invesis’s mission is that every long-term relationship we enter begins with a sustainable future in mind. This transaction emphasises the long term commitment of Invesis to both the healthcare sector and to our projects and partners, increasing our shareholding on projects where the opportunity arises and facilitating our mission to build lasting legacies for future generations.

For the UKSH project this focuses on the construction, renovation and maintenance of one of Europe’s largest centres for medical care at its locations in Kiel and Lübeck in Germany. With more than 89 clinics and institutes, and around 2,700 beds and as the only maximum care provider in Schleswig-Holstein, it covers the entire spectrum of modern medical and health care.

Invesis looks forward to continuing to bring its expertise to the project to complete the upgrade of the facilities, enhance the hospitals overall operational efficiency and enable the long medical traditions at both locations to be continued long into the future.

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