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Invesis and Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust Announce £10m Elective Care Hub at Wharfedale Hospital

Aimed at enhancing healthcare services, Invesis and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) have signed a project variation agreement for the construction of a £10m Elective Care Hub at Wharfedale Hospital in the UK. This development aligns with the Trust’s long-term plans to extend services at the hospital and reduce waiting times.

The partnership between Invesis and LTHT dates back to 2004 when Invesis delivered a 76-bed hospital as part of a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract. Under the terms of the agreement, Invesis is responsible for managing the hospital facilities for a concession period of 30 years.

The new project variation, initiated in 2021, entails the construction of two additional state-of-the-art operating theatres, a recovery area, as well as admissions and discharge facilities. To accommodate this expansion, the existing space previously housing the endoscopy department at Wharfedale Hospital will be repurposed for elective surgery.

The priority for the Trust, Invesis and our partners was to develop a solution that would transform the services at Wharfedale Hospital, enabling increased patient activity while continuing to deliver  a high level of care.

Prioritising the transformation of services at Wharfedale Hospital and improving activity levels  were paramount for the Trust, Invesis, and their collaborative partners. The project’s variation documentation was officially signed on October 16, 2023, following months of meticulous planning and continuous consultation with stakeholders to guarantee the seamless execution of construction phases without disrupting patient care delivery.

Iain Harris, Asset Management Director at Invesis, highlighted the significance of effective communication, collaboration, and early preparation to ensure the success of the project. Emphasising Invesis as a long-term investor, Harris underscored the importance of building strong relationships with clients, contractors, and stakeholders as integral to their approach.

The construction of the Elective Care Hub is already in progress, adopting a phased approach to minimise the impact on activity and patient care. The new facilities are anticipated to be fully operational by September 2024, marking a significant milestone in the continued evolution of healthcare services at Wharfedale Hospital.

Amanda Gomersall Associate Director, E&F Commercial Services at LTHT said: “We are delighted that the construction of the Elective Care Hub is now in progress. A crucial element for the success of this project is our collaborative partnership with Invesis, spanning from the initial planning phase to the design and eventual delivery of the hub. This collaborative effort is expected to result in reduced treatment times and an enhanced overall patient experience.”


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