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How is BAM PPP responding to the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared that the outbreak of the corona virus (COVID-19) is an international emergency. Royal BAM Group has installed a corona outbreak management team in order to co-ordinate the preventive measures for the Group. This team is continuously monitoring the situation on a global level and providing guidance to suppliers, sub-contractors and internal organisation relating to the activities of the operating companies in maintaining service continuity to clients.

BAM PPP will be as affected by a pandemic as our clients and subcontractors. BAM PPP will take all reasonable steps to ensure service continuity and will depend mainly upon the public infrastructure in terms of transport, power, telecommunications and internet being maintained.

We are making a managed response to the epidemic, in line with Royal BAM Group policies. We have a dedicated team to coordinate BAM PPP’s response to the emergency. We are working on the basis that the disruption is likely to be prolonged and that vigilance must be maintained. Our efforts have ensured continuity

Our staff

BAM PPP staff have been fully briefed on infection control measures and are now generally working from home, as they are equipped to do. Staff are only allowed to attend face-to-face business meetings if senior management agrees that the matter is critical to BAM, or to our stake-holder. We have put in place measures to maximise the resilience of our teams and management structures to ensure continuity if staff members should fall ill.

Our Supply Chain

We are satisfied that our partners have taken reasonable and appropriate steps in response to the pandemic. Not every eventuality can be catered for but appropriate planning has taken place, and in some cases enacted.

Our projects

Every effort is being made to keep Construction phase project sites open and making progress, commensurate with H&S guidance, the local situation and the wishes of our customers. So far those efforts are largely successful but we remain vigilant for changing circumstances.

Most of our Operational projects are fundamental to the provision of public services; our roads must be maintained in a safe and suitable condition and our public buildings such as police headquarters, hospitals, courts facilities and other significant public building must remain open – subject to the wishes of our customers. BAM PPP and its supply chain will make every effort to keep those facilities open and available, to the best of our collective abilities. Risk mitigation measures and information to visitors and Customer staff is in place across our facilities.

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