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Maarten is a Chartered Accountant (RA) with 35 years’ experience in accounting and finance within the banking, construction, PPP, and small business industries in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Currently Project Finance Director, Netherlands and Belgium, Maarten is responsible for the management and delivery of all financial aspects of our tender opportunities on behalf of Invesis, ensuring robust investment and financing structures are delivered, as well as refinancing of the project portfolio.

He has experience bidding for accommodation and infrastructure projects and has been involved in some of our most notable projects in the region, including the High-Speed Link and the Afsluitdijk project in the Netherlands and the Liefkenshoek Railway Tunnel in Belgium.

Maarten and the team are also closely involved in the development of new sectors for Invesis, such as digital infrastructure, district heating networks and energy performance contracts.

In addition to having responsibility for the management and coordination of the finance team, Maarten is a member of the SMT, where he is involved in the strategic decisions and the management of the company, works closely with the CFO on investment and financial strategies, and coordinates the legal team.

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Maarten van der Bent

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