A8 Motorway

The A8 project was the first of four pilot projects under the A-Model programme, involving the widening of heavily congested German motorways.

SPV General Manager Christian Diringer outlined the background to the A8 project.

„The A8 is a corridor belonging to the Trans-European Network (TEN) in Southern Germany.“

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A8 Motorway
A8 Motorway

The challenge

SPV General Manager Christian Diringer continues:

„Some sections of the network were more than 60 years old and could no longer cope with heavy traffic volumes. In addition, some sections did not have an emergency lane and sight distances were hampered by crests. This section, located in Southern Bavaria, had traffic volumes of more than 100,000 vehicles per day, of which 11,000 were lorries exceeding 12 tonnes.“

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Capital value

The solution

The construction programme included:

  • the widening of a 37 km motorway from 2×2 lanes to 2×3 lanes and the construction of emergency lanes;
  • the installation of noise protection measures;
  • the construction of roadside rest areas;
  • the construction or adjustment of the bridge structures;
  • the construction of road drainage with rain retention basins;
  • the adjustment, relocation, renewal, or extension of operational installations of the CAA such as existing permanent count sites and ice warning systems; and
  • the adjustment and the construction/upgrading of access points in accordance with the existing plannng approvals.
A8 Motorway