University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein

Kiel and Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Supporting our client with the delivery of modern medical health care centers in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
30 September 2014 Financial Close
6 years Construction Period
30 years Concession Period
2044 Handback

The background

The University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) is the only maximum health care provider in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, which covers the entire spectrum of modern medical health care. The facilities are based in two locations Kiel and Lübeck, with 49 clinics and around 2,400 beds.  

Due to a growing population and the increasing demand for medical care, the University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein required new facilities and the refurbishment of existing facilities at both locations to enhance the hospital’s efficiency.  

In 2014, the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Board awarded Invesis, DIF Capital Partner and VAMED Deutschland Holding the PPP contract to design, build and finance the project. Invesis in 2022 successfully acquired DIF Capital Partner’s stake, bringing the Invesis shareholding in the project to 95%. This transaction emphasises the long-term commitment of Invesis to both the healthcare sector and to our projects and partners. 


University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Board (UHSH)

Capital Value



Invesis and VAMED



Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

BAM Deutschland AG (acquired by Zech Group), VAMED Deutschland Holding GmbH

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

BAM Immobilien Dienstleistung (acquired by Zech Group), VAMED Management und Services (rebranded to VAMED Technical Services Deutschland GmbH)

Business value

UKSH provides maximum medical care in the northernmost federal state and guarantees medical-technical care at the highest level, especially for patients who require specialist diagnosis, treatment and therapy.

A great deal of forward-planning had to be done in consultation with the client to ensure that there was little disruption to the delivery of key medical treatment during construction, with safety being the main priority. Transparent communication and collaboration between Invesis, VAMED Deutschland Holding and our development partners is vital to the success of the project. 

Due to the lifecycle approach of the PPP contract and excellent relationships built between the client and consortium, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein has received a high-quality asset with little disruption to key public services.  


Key features

By using the PPP contract approach and partnering with Invesis, the project… 

  • has an innovative and flexible utilisation concept, which guarantees maximum efficiency to be achieved by the client, reducing waiting times for patients 
  • strong optimisation of lifecycle planning with funding structure 
  • will boost the economy and create job opportunities for individuals within local communities, as the hospital is the largest employer and training provider in Schleswig-Holstein