University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein

Invesis and VAMED are responsible for the planning, construction, and renovation of one of Europe’s largest centres for medical care at its locations in Kiel and Lübeck in Germany.

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The project involves the design and build of new facilities for the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, as well as the rebuild and refurbishment of existing buildings with an overall area of approx. 307,000 m2.

Shareholder Representative Andreas Marschall outlines the background to the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UHSH) project.

„The University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein is set across two locations, Kiel and Lübeck, both of which have a long medical tradition.

The hospital is one of Europe’s largest centres for medical care with 49 clinics and around 2,400 beds. As the only maximum care provider in Schleswig-Holstein, it covers the entire spectrum of modern medical and health care.“

The design of the building is aimed at concentrating major departments in central buildings and also creating interdisciplinary units for surgery and clinical diagnostics.

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Capital Value

The aim of the project was to upgrade the facilities at both locations and enhance the hospital’s overall efficiency.

A great deal of forward-planning had to be done in consultation with the client to ensure that different medical departments could be moved at a time that would cause the minimum amount of disruption.

Building new hospital facilities on an existing site can be a challenge as consideration has to be given to the movement of construction traffic with safety always a key priority and ensuring that patients and visitors are not inconvenienced by the work.

This is a very large project with nine separate buildings in one site and six in another. Work began at the end of 2014 and is on track for completion as scheduled.