Rijnstraat 8

The Hague, The Netherlands
The successful delivery of sustainable office accommodation for the Dutch government
15th July 2015 Financial Close
2015 - 2017 Construction Period
25 years Concession Period
2042 Handback

The background

Rijnstraat 8, a key government building located in The Hague, Netherlands, required renewal as the building’s facilities and office spaces were out-dated. The concession was part of Rijksvastgoedbedrijf’s ‘Masterplan’, to deliver efficient government office accommodation for employees, to enhance work environments and meet 21st century standards of flexibility, functionality and sustainability. 

 In 2015, Invesis were awarded the PPP-contract to design, build, finance, maintain, and operate Rijnstraat 8. The asset became the new national office for the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in the Netherlands. 

The project involved reconstruction of the existing building, converting the traditional configuration into a sustainable, durable office space for over 6,000 employees. By partnering with Invesis, the building was successfully transformed into a modern, state-of-the-art office space. 



Capital Value




PoortCentraal B.V.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Bouwcombinatie Rijnstraat 8 V.O.F.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

BAM Bouw en Techniek (BAM FM), Bouwcombinatie Rijnstraat 8 V.O.F.

Business value

Optimising the structure’s original design concept, developed in 1993 by architect Jan Hoogstad, was incredibly important to the client. Invesis, worked cohesively with our selected designers and construction partners to comprehensively conserve the original features of the building, while modernising Hoogstad’s design to ensure that the building was fit for purpose.  

Sustainable concepts were integrated into the design of the building and during the construction phase, sustainable materials were utilised to reduce environmental impact and lower maintenance costs throughout the concession period.  

Due to the lifecycle approach of the PPP contract and by partnering with Invesis, the client received a high-quality asset, with a sustainable, modern design that meets the demands of the contemporary, political and social functions of the government ministry employees. 


Key features

By using a PPP model and partnering with PoortCentraal B.V, the project… 

  • won the Partnership Bulletin Award for Best Social Infrastructure Project in 2015 
  • won the ARC17 Architecture Award due to its sustainable and innovative design concept 
  • energy consumption is substantially reduced due to the buildings sustainable design, which includes the installation of triple glazed windows in the atrium, and the use of heat & cold storage, solar panels, and LED lighting