Dendermonde Prison

‘Investing in essential social infrastructure that prepares detainees for reintegration into society’

Prisons in Belgium have become overcrowded in recent years due to an increase in incarcerations, as a result, investment in infrastructure was necessary to tackle capacity issues. To improve prison facilities and address overpopulation, the Belgium Buildings Agency (Regie der Gebouwen/Régie des Bâtiments) will deliver a new prison in Dendemonde near Antwerp Belgium, which will accommodate 444 inmates.

The concept of the prison is based on a humane view of detention, with the aim to prepare detainees for reintegration into society. Dendermonde prison is in line with the Belgian Government’s 2008 masterplan for Detention and Internment in Humane Conditions, which entails the construction of new prisons and the renovation of existing facilities.


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The innovation

The client desired a trusted partner with the expertise to smoothly deliver the €194 million project without any major delays. Prompt delivery of the project was crucial, as Dendermonde Prison was urgently needed to tackle capacity issues.

In 2020, Invesis were awarded the contract to design, build, finance and maintain (DFBM) Dendermonde prison. Invesis is the 100 per cent shareholder and equity provider for the project.

The construction and design of the project was being carried out by our development partner BAM Interbuild. BAM FM, our maintenance services partner, will provide hard facilities maintenance for a period of 25 years and soft facilities management for a period of 10 years.

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Capital value

The solution

The vision for Dendermonde prison focuses on preparing the detainees for reintegration into society, therefore the prison’s design stimulates a feeling of community. The spacious grounds, which cover an area of 31,500m2, consists of open galleries for greater transparency and security.

Collaborative working was key to the success of the construction phase of the project to ensure that there were no major delays. Our Invesis experts worked cohesively with the client, EPC and SPC, to ensure that all parties were aligned and that their interests were met.

‘Construction of the project began during the height of the coronavirus pandemic,’ explains Sharon Lubberson Operations Manager. She adds, ‘Continuous communication with the client throughout the entire journey instilled a strong relationship. Our team operated transparently, involving the client in every step of the process’.