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Invesis colleagues virtually race the distance between our European offices, travelling an impressive 10,633km

At Invesis, we are extremely proud of our people and culture. Our hard work, and fun together, has built a successful business which continues to grow. Our aim is to build on this success by preserving the well-being, mental health and safety of our colleagues.

We work hard as a business to support our people through maintaining a safe working environment as well as offering a range of wellbeing programmes and resources. By fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment, that encourages open communication, transparency and understanding, we can ensure that our people flourish and bring their best selves to work.

Our Well-being and Mental Health Champions – who are fully trained in Mental Health First Aid – give support to our colleagues by offering confidential advice and launching various initiatives to promote fitness, healthy eating habits and the importance of switching-off.

Recently, our Well-being and Mental Health Champions launched a fitness challenge, splitting over 100 colleagues from across the business into three teams to virtually race the distance between our European offices – 2834 km (1761 miles). The purpose of the challenge was to encourage our colleagues to make the most of the dryer weather by getting out and being active.

The challenge lasted for one month, where collectively, our three teams travelled an impressive 10,633km (6607 miles). Throughout the challenge, colleagues were not limited to participating in one specific activity, some ran, cycled, rowed, walked and others even kite surfed!


The challenge was a success and it inspired colleagues to prioritise making time for activities that gets the body moving. Well done to everyone who participated.


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