A59 Motorway

The N59 highway, which runs between Rosmalen and Geffen in the Netherlands, required reconstruction to address traffic bottlenecks that encouraged motorists to shortcut through residential areas to avoid traffic. Transformation of the N59 was necessary to boost the economy, alleviate congestion within local towns and enable the efficient transportation of goods and services. 

To address the existing issue, the Province of North-Brabant converted the N59 highway into the A59, through partnering with public-private partnership (PPP) experts. The A59 is a fully-fledged motorway with four connections, a grade-separated intersection, a bicycle tunnel, viaducts and other various environmental facilities.  

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A59 Motorway
A59 Motorway

The challenge

The A59 is the Netherlands’ first public-private partnership (PPP) contract for road infrastructure. Prior to utilising PPP contracts, the Dutch government realized projects through traditional procurement mechanisms. However, to reduce financial risk and accelerate road infrastructure development in the Netherlands, the Dutch government sought to enter a PPP agreement. 

In 2003, after a two-year period of intense preparation, selection and negotiation, Provincial Executive drs P. van Vugt of the Province of North-Brabant signed an agreement with the consortium Poort van Den Bosch B.V. to accelerate the conversion of state highway N50 between Rosmalen and Geffen.  

The consortium compromising – Invesis, Boskalis and Fluor Infrastructure were awarded the contract to design, build, finance and maintain (DBFM) the road, including viaducts and noise barriers.   

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Capital Value

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The experts

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The solution

By using the PPP contract approach and partnering with the Poort van Den Bosch consortium, the Province of North-Brabant delivered the A59 five years in advance of the original schedule. In addition, the overall costs were 14 percent lower than the costs of a traditional design-bid-build contracting process 

In March 2006, the A59 project received the European Construction Industry (ECI) ACTIVE Project of the Year Award with the jury praising a number of features, including the project’s safety record, its cost reduction compared with traditional tendering, and its excellent community relations and traffic management. 

On the 31 December 2020 the project reached the end of its 18-year concession period and was successfully handed back to the Province of North Brabant. The A59 is Invesis’ first project to reach the end of its contract and be returned to client management. Due to the life cycle approach of the PPP model, and excellent relationships built between the client and consortium, the project was handed back to the client in immaculate condition. Despite the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing regulations, the A-59 hand-back process was seamless and executed on time.  

Pieter Mali, Project Director Poort van den Bosch, says: ‚The success of this first PPP road project in the Netherlands is characterised by excellent cooperation between all parties, good quality of the execution of the work and the continuity of the employees on the project, some of whom have been involved for almost twenty years. As a result, road users have had a safe and clean road at their disposal for fifteen years.’