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Nos équipes, composées d’une centaine d’experts en infrastructures et en financement de projet, aux Pays-Bas, au Royaume-Uni, en Irlande, en Allemagne, en Belgique, en Australie et en Amérique du Nord, ont une cinquantaine de projets finalisés à leur actif pour une valeur en capital de 12 milliards d’euros.

Nos équipes sont expertes des projets d’investissement et de construction d’infrastructures voués à améliorer le quotidien des citoyens : routes, ferroviaire, infrastructures maritimes et hydrauliques, tunnels et ponts, mais aussi hôpitaux, établissements scolaires, bâtiments administratifs, sans oublier les infrastructures de demain : les réseaux numériques, la transition énergétique et les solutions pour lutter contre le changement climatique.

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Launched in 1932, the Afsluitdijk, which runs from Den Oever in North Holland province of the Netherlands to the village of Kornwerderzand in Friesland province, has protected large parts of the Netherlands for generations against flooding from the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer freshwater lake.

But after more than 85 years in service, the 32 km dam no longer met current requirements for flood protection and water discharge and requires major reconstruction. The ever-present danger which water poses to the Netherlands and the global increase in extreme weather means it is essential that the Afsluitdijk is upgraded to be able to withstand these twin problems.

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IJmuiden Sea Lock


After almost 100 years in operation, the northern lock in Ijmuiden, Netherlands located at the mouth of the North Sea Canal, connecting Amsterdam with the sea, was approaching the end of its technical lifespan. A study conducted in 2007/2008 concluded that the lock needed to be replaced with a new larger lock to facilitate the growing number of sea vessels.  

Rijkswaterstaat delivered the new lock which will significantly boost the local economy, address growing demand for goods, and improve the transport route to ports and businesses situated along the North Sea Chanal. The lock is the largest sea lock in the world, approximately 70m wide, 500m long and 18m deep. 

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Second caisson new sea lock in IJmuiden successfully immersed

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Doors for new Sea Lock IJmuiden make their way to the Netherlands

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BAM reaches financial close on the Afsluitdijk project in the Netherlands

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Global projects

We deliver and manage projects in the transportation, social infrastructure and water infrastructure sectors, with access to international expertise combined with local knowledge and presence through our shareholders.

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