Bristol Schools Phase 1A

Bristol, England, UK
Delivering modern and adaptable school buildings that have transformed the learning experience of students in Bristol
26th April 2004 Financial Close
2004-2006 Construction Period
26 years Concession Period
2031 Handback
Bristol Schools

The background

To successfully deliver first class education to more than 4,000 students, Bristol City Council launched a PFI scheme to replace Bristol Secondary Schools in urban communities in north and south Bristol.  

The scheme was launched to address an urgent need for new and upgraded school buildings in Bristol as many of the secondary school facilities were inadequate and no longer met the learning needs of students. The schools also faced capacity constraints as the old buildings lacked flexibility, meaning that they were unable to accommodate the number of spaces required to facilitate a larger population of students.  

Invesis were awarded the contract in 2004 to design, build, finance and maintain 4 secondary schools. By partnering with Invesis Bristol City Council were able to deliver modern, adaptable and spacious teaching and learning environments. 


Bristol City Council

Capital Value





Bristol Schools Ltd

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

BAM Construction

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)


Business value

At the beginning of the partnership, Invesis embarked on a consultation exercise with the Council, our partners and the schools to ensure that the reference designs could be optimised to incorporate a high degree of adaptability and flexibility, to allow for future changes in department sizes. 

One of the schools was built on a site of archaeological interest, which proved to be a challenge during the construction phase. Invesis alongside our partners, worked closely with the local Planning Department and archaeological specialists to ensure findings were uncovered carefully and recorded. 

The project has been operational for 17 years and throughout its lifecycle, we have worked cohesively and transparently with BAM FM to ensure that the schools are maintained to the highest-level of operation, aesthetic appearance, safety and energy conservation. 


Key features

By using the PFI model and partnering with Invesis, the project… 

  • delivered on time and in immaculate condition 
  • was well-designed incorporating teaching spaces that make good and appropriate use of natural light and ventilation combined with solar control glazing and lighting controls 
  • has benefited greatly from its energy consumption being monitored remotely in real time, enabling our maintenance partners to identify trends and any unplanned increases to take action, reducing costs and the carbon footprint of the concession